Save 25% off the Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle, until May 27th!!!

Now that we’re on the heels of the summer season and looking forward to the Bedtime Belly Buster Slim-Down, we have a fantastic promotion that can help kick-start your challenge and get those bellies busted. The two-week BBB Slim-Down is June 4-17 and is the perfect challenge to team up with friends and family to slim down for summer and share your results online. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying the Bedtime Belly Buster for the first time or renewing your bundle; you can save big on your next order!

Get 25% off the Bedtime Belly Buster bundle when you order it with a pak** or system, May 14 through May 27!* The BBB makes the perfect complement to your Isagenix System, healthy diet, and regular exercise. Use your IsaLife™ mobile app or visit your Back Office to order today!

Bedtime Belly Buster  Resources

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PODCAST: The 4-1-1 on the BBB

VIDEO: How to Make the BBB

VIDEO: BBB with Chocolate & Isagreens  

VIDEO: BBB with Vanilla & Isafruits

What’s Inside the BBB?

The Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle combines three products: IsaPro®, Isagenix Greens™ or Fruits, and Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal™ spray (the spray goes in your mouth, not the shaker). The recipe gets you a serving of whey protein from IsaPro with phytonutrients and a sweet flavor from Fruits or Greens. Finish with a spray of melatonin to help support better sleep in Sleep Support & Renewal spray.†

How Does It Work?

If you want all the details behind why these products were chosen for the BBB, you should check out the Bedtime Belly Buster for Dummies e-book. Using the Bedtime Belly Buster before bed (try saying that three times fast) helps by nourishing your body while you sleep, and the Bedtime Belly Buster can replace late-night snacks that should stay on the shelf. Sleep Support & Renewal Spray helps by supporting better sleep.† On top of the benefits you can get from the BBB, it also tastes great!

What Does the Science Say?

“OK, it tastes great and keeps me away from the potato chips at night, but how does it really work?” Excellent question.

Muscle Recovery

The longest time frame that we go without food is usually when we’re asleep at night. Studies show that ingesting protein before bed can help increase muscle protein synthesis (AKA muscle recovery) while you sleep, and additional muscle in turn helps support an active metabolism. Of course, this means you need to actually work these muscles with exercise in order for the protein to do its thing. That’s why pairing a healthy diet and regular exercise helps take the BBB to the next level.

Better Sleep

Getting a great night’s sleep is its own reward, but there are all sorts of benefits associated with better sleep:

The BBB Is Part of a Greater System

You’re probably reading up to this point and asking, “This is all great, but how does it actually BUST my BELLY?” That’s the million-dollar question, and the honest answer is this: The Bedtime Belly Buster alone will not help you lose weight. However, if you’re true to the Isagenix System, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, the Bedtime Belly Buster can be a powerful tool. It’s the perfect add-on to any Isagenix System to help kick-start weight loss efforts.

Interested in becoming a Buster?  

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