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The Isagenix Team Compensation Plan is one of the most generous in the industry. On top of the Compensation Plan, we offer many different bonuses, incentives, and more to reward you! To show you exactly how you can participate in what Isagenix offers, we now offer a full family of four videos that explain – and will help you explain to others – how we pay Associates for sharing Isagenix products. Here we will help you find which video is right for you.

Which Video Should I Watch?

1. You Share, They Share, Repeat™ video!

I want to earn enough income to get my products paid for.”

This video is a great way to learn the basics of how we reward Associates for welcoming new Members to their teams and helping others begin building a business of their own.

2. NEW! Isagenix Team Compensation Plan Training With Jim Coover

I want to know all the details of the Compensation Plan.”

3. ‘Fast-Track to Executive’ Screencast

“I want to dive right into the business.

Kathy Coover explains the importance of rank advancement and the additional incentives you earn as you climb the ranks.

4. NEW! Maximizing the Compensation Plan’ Screencast

“I have experience in network marketing and want to learn how to maximize my earnings with Isagenix.

Kathy Coover trains on how to make the most of the Compensation Plan and what it means to “max out” your business center.

All the Details

To catch Compensation Plan training in person, be sure to attend the next Isagenix University event and have all your questions answered. Read all the details about the Compensation Plan flyer.


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