The Perfect Exercises for Your Workout Style



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Maybe you’re a strength seeker. Or, perhaps you prefer a sweaty run outdoors. No matter which style of exercise you choose, physical activity allows your muscles to break down and grow back stronger through a process called muscle protein synthesis. Check out the article below to learn more!

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Whether you’re an avid athlete who already knows the best exercises for your body or someone who’s just getting started, one of the best ways to get your sweat on is by mixing things up and trying something new.

But before you get out there, have you ever wondered what happens to your muscles when you work out? Let’s get into some science for a second. The more you know about building lean muscle, the easier it will be for you to tweak your physical activity and nutrition to get the best results possible.

The Role Muscle Protein Synthesis Plays in Creating Lean Muscle

When you work out or engage in any kind of intense activity, your muscles break down and then repair and maintain themselves. The rebuilding part of this process is called muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Muscles never get bigger or leaner without explosive muscular activity. If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, no type of protein supplement will help you build or alter your muscular tissue. You must engage your muscles through exercise, whether that’s at the gym or somewhere else.

How Protein Intake Can Support Muscle Protein Synthesis

If you’re older than 20, bad news for you! The rate at which our bodies synthesize protein slows significantly after age 20. Life makes a little more sense now, right?

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to affect muscle protein synthesis. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle formation, so if you add protein to your diet, you can help boost and maintain the synthesizing process.

If you suffer from soreness after working out, that means your muscles are engaged in protein synthesis! When you give them extra protein, you have the opportunity to maximize muscle rebuilding.

So, what have we learned? Protein is absolutely essential to your diet, especially when you’re an active adult looking to build lean muscle. Time to get out there, choose a workout that will empower you, and pick a supplement that can aid in muscle protein synthesis.

What Exercises Match Your Workout Style?

1. Exercises for the Strength Seeker

If you’re the athlete who frequents the weight rack and whose motto is “go big or go home,” try taking a group class where you can show off your strength. CrossFit, boxing, or a local boot camp are all great options if you don’t consider something a workout unless it involves some dumbbells.

If you really want to mix things up, try doing some yoga! We promise it’ll leave your muscles feeling fabulous.



2. Exercises for the HIIT Fanatic

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a fitness trend that’s seemingly here to stay. Defined as quick, intense bursts of all-out effort followed by short, active recovery periods, this is for the athlete looking to rev their metabolism while building lean muscle and improving stamina.

You can find a HIIT class at almost any local gym. Switch things up by trying a class with a twist, going to a different location, or training with a new teacher!


3. Exercises for the Adventurer

Adventurous athletes prefer to exercise outside of the gym and crave fresh air and a workout with a view. Whether it’s rock climbing, an epic hike, or white-water kayaking, summer offers endless opportunities for outdoor workouts you just have to try.

rock climbing

4. Exercises for the Sweat Junkie

No matter the activity, you know you’ve gotten in a powerful workout when you can feel the salt on your face. Summer is the perfect time for a hot and sweaty run, but you can also break a sweat at a cycle class, during hot yoga, or out on the tennis court.

cycle class spin

You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for you. Do not start this fitness program if your physician or healthcare provider advises against it. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath at any time while exercising, you should stop immediately and seek appropriate medical care, if needed.

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