The Ultimate Cleanse Day Prep Guide

Ever wonder how your friends breeze through Cleanse Days while you continue to struggle? Or maybe you’re preparing to complete your first Cleanse Day, but are feeling a bit intimidated. Even if Cleanse Days aren’t a problem for you, you may be wondering how you can better help others make the day a little easier.

Here are a few Cleanse Day prep tips to help with Cleanse Days:

1. Cut excess calories early.

A decrease in extra calories, such as from added sugars, while on an Isagenix System may be hard to adjust to overnight. It’s best to gradually start cutting back ahead of time. For example, if you’re someone who only takes their coffee with cream and sugar, maybe try adding less and less until you can enjoy it black. If your body is expecting loads of sugar every few hours it’s going to be in for quite the shock when you cut this all out at once. Gradually cutting back on excess calories ahead of time will make it easier to complete both successful Shake Days and Cleanse Days in the future.

2. Start with Shake Days.

A minimum of two Shake Days should be completed before completing a Cleanse Day. If starting an Isagenix System is a big change from your usual habits, completing more Shake Days may be necessary to ensure a successful experience. The body adapts over time to anything you do, so if your body is accustomed to a much higher level of calories, it may be necessary to gradually reduce calories until you can complete Shake Days with ease. Once you have mastered Shake Days, you will be much more prepared to complete a successful Cleanse Day.

3. Rely on a coach, your tools, and customize when needed.

To avoid an unpleasant, and at times even an unsafe experience, don’t be afraid to rely on a little support from an experienced coach and support tools. Isagenix offers several tools to make intermittent fasting attainable and sustainable. While everyone should follow the system guidelines for completing a Cleanse Day as closely as possible, you also have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed. This is important to keep in mind for both yourself and when coaching others because everyone’s needs and experiences on a Cleanse Day will differ.

4. Write down your schedule and set alarms.

One of the simplest, but possibly most effective tips, is to organize your schedule in advance and to set reminders throughout the day to help you to stick to your schedule. Remembering to consistently drink each serving of Cleanse for Life®, stay hydrated, and eat Isagenix Snacks™ throughout the day can be hard to do. Going too long without consuming anything at all may lead to an unsuccessful Cleanse Day experience. By consistently giving your body a little nourishment every hour or two, you are less likely to experience excessive hunger or dips in energy levels, which will help to make your day more enjoyable.

5. Pick Cleanse Days strategically.

Ever notice that when you have a slow day you tend to snack a lot more? While everyone is different, many cleansers find that the easiest days to complete Cleanse Days are on days when they’re busy. Consider planning your Cleanse Day on a day when you have several errands to run or on a day full of appointments and meetings.

Another strategy for choosing which days to cleanse might be to plan around your workout schedule. Every fitness routine should include regular rest days, which can be a great time to schedule a Cleanse Day.

6. If you slip up, don’t give up.

Like any new habit you are trying to form, it takes time to adjust before a new habit becomes second nature. If you’re not able to complete an entire Cleanse Day as planned, don’t beat yourself up about it. Break your Cleanse Day guiltlessly with an IsaLean™ Shake, and try again next week. It’s best to complete at least five Shake Days before planning your next Cleanse Day. Most of us are accustomed to an eating pattern of constant grazing, so adjusting to one that involves fasting days can take some time to get used to. Cleansing, like any skill, becomes easier as you go.

Everyone can benefit from some extra preparation that leads to a more pleasant Cleanse Day experience. Even seasoned cleansers can try adding some of these tips to their prep routines.

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