Published Study: e+ Energy Shot Most Beneficial for High Stressed and Fatigued Individuals


In 2020, Isagenix collaborating with researchers at Clarkson University, published results from a double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the mental and cognitive performance benefits of e+ Energy Shot (e+ Shot) (1). The results found that e+ Shot, compared to a shot containing an equivalent dose of caffeine, significantly improved cognitive reaction time (faster, more accurate responses on a test).  

These researchers have now re-evaluated and published updated results based on new studies characterizing an individual’s mental and physical fatigue level. This re-evaluation demonstrated that those individuals who were generally highly mentally and physically stressed responded even better to e+ Shot when compared to caffeine alone (2). 

Study Details and Results 

 The original study included 30 young male and female research participants. Each participant consumed a caffeinated beverage containing approximately 100 milligrams of caffeine and e+ Shot, providing a combination of 85 milligrams of caffeine plus a blend of ten adaptogenic herbs.  

After consuming their assigned product, each participant completed a series of cognitive and mental performance tests. After at least 48 hours, subjects consumed a different study product and once again completed the battery of tests.  

After determining the effects of the caffeinated Shot and e+ Shot, researchers re-analyzed the data based on the participant’s mental and physical energy and fatigue status using a validated survey.  

Overall, when considering the participant’s energy and fatigue status, there were clear differences in the effects of the beverages. Consumption of the adaptogen-rich, caffeine-containing e+ Shot preferentially benefited individuals with initial low mental and physical energy status and high mental fatigue compared to caffeine alone.  

According to Dr. Ali Boolani, who led the study, “our findings suggest that e+ Shot was most beneficial for individuals who are typically low energy or high fatigue (both mental and physical). Also interesting was that normally physically energetic individuals became more anxious with the caffeine alone. In contrast, these same individuals were not anxious with the e+ Shot, suggesting that the adaptogens prevent or reduce negative responses to caffeine in certain individuals.” 

 E+ Shot – A Perfect Solution Anytime, Anywhere 

 Isagenix is committed to formulating simple, proven, and natural products to improve your health. This latest study suggests that, whenever the need strikes, e+ Shot is that perfect, portable caffeinated adaptogenic shot for a midday “pick-me-up,” an exercise pre-workout, or a mental boost.   


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